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Directory of Graduate Programs in Applied Sport Psychology (12th edition) is now available on-line and in print!

Edited by AASP members Kevin L. Burke, Michael L. Sachs, and Rachel Tomlinson, the 12th Edition of the Directory of Graduate Programs in Applied Sport Psychology offers a wealth of information on nearly 100 masters and doctoral degree programs worldwide, including:

  • Program descriptions detailing research and applied emphasis
  • Degrees offered
  • Student to faculty ratio
  • Internship/externship/practica opportunities
  • Online/distance learning
  • Preparation for Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) certification
  • Career possibilities

The 12th Edition is available three different ways - as an online only subscription, a traditional print directory or both online and print together.

The Online Only version ($29.99)  includes access to our new searchable online database of nearly 100 masters and doctoral degree programs in applied sport psychology. Allows for easy and powerful searches by:

  • State/Province or Country
  • Department Affiliation (Kinesiology, Psychology, Counseling, Education/Professional Studies)
  • Degree Type (Masters, Doctoral or Both)
  • Research and/or Applied Descriptions
  • Pct. of Students that receive Funding/Assistantship
  • Online or Distance Learning Instruction
  • Does the Program Prepare Students for AASP Certification?

Online only purchase also provides the introductory and appendix portions of the printed book, including sections on internships, graduate training and career opportunities, ethics, certification and helpful reading and reference lists. Online access is valid through publication of the 12th Edition of the Graduate Program Directory, estimated to be in early 2018.

The Print Only* version ($44.99 plus $7.50 US shipping/handling and $25 International shipping/handling) provides a wealth of information in the traditional publication format.   

The Online & Print* version ($54.99 plus $7.50 US shipping/handling and $25 International shipping/handling) includes access to both the online and print versions of the Directory described above.  

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Tennis (2nd edition)


Tennis is designed to help learn the basic skills, rules, and etiquette of the fun and challenging sport. Tennis also provides on-court tests for new acquired skills as well as an overall self-evaluation for "all court" tennis skills.

ISBN:  0-80641-283-0           Copyright:   1996

American Press, Boston, Massachusetts